A Beautiful Visit to the House of Allah; Al-Hajj


Artist Name

Bana Elattassi

Art Description

Inspired by the Chronicles of Hariri, illustrations of this ceramic oval platter represent the pilgrims circulating the Kabaa (in the center) counterclockwise during Tawaf (circulation of the Kabaa) in addition to the representation of the caravan of pilgrims traveling to Mecca for Hajj from near and far surrounding areas. The first pilgrims of the caravan begin at the top of the magnified black stone which is located opposite the black corner of the Kaaba in real life. From the black stone, the Quranic verses dealing with Hajj start and are written in Kufic script, one of the main and earliest forms of calligraphy used to copy the Quran. The caravan starts with pilgrims using horns as a sign of celebration and taking the lead. Other pilgrims are illustrated to show the various ages, sex and social and financial status of pilgrims. The background colour is chosen to represent mountains in Mecca and surrounding parts with few plantation scattered. See more at banaislamicfineart.com


Artwork Medium

Ceramic Bowl


14″ x 11″ x 3.5″ – Unframed




A Beautiful Visit to the House of Allah; Al-Hajj


Artist Name: Bana Elattassi

Artist Bio

Bana El-Attassi is a self-taught artist with passion and love for art since her early childhood. Creativity at a mature age  began after being introduced to the world of ceramic art. Inspired by her faith from the Noble Quran, Bana derives meaning into her art incorporating beautiful Islamic art from around the world such as various forms of Islamic calligraphy , intricate Islamic florals and motifs and the famous Islamic geometrical designs. Her ultimate dream is to express the beauty of the Noble Quran through art to the whole world because the religion of Islam was sent to all of humanity.


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