Aamantu Billahi (6 Fundamentals of Belief)


Artist Name

Shifa Mohiuddin

Artwork Description

This sacred Islamic Calligraphy depicts Six Fundamentals of Islamic Belief, namely: (1) Belief in Allah/God (2) Belief in His Angels (3) Belief in His Holy Books (4) Belief in His Prophets (5) Belief in the Day of Judgement (Life after Death) (6) To believe in Destiny (Qadr), that the Good and Evil are from Allah.

Artwork Medium



17″ x 24″ – Unframed


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Artist Name:

Shifa Mohiuddin

Artist Bio

Combining Western (US) and Eastern (Indo-Pak) influences, Shifa Mohiuddin’s artwork strives to revive the Islamic Tradition of holistic healing through the arts. Each of her artworks, mostly Islamic calligraphy or architecture, sends a clear message its viewer, not only allowing them to contrast color themes, but rather reflect deeply into their souls.


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