Ala Bizikrillahi Tatmainnal Quloob .


Artist Name

Sanam Nadeem

Artwork Description

Ala Bizikrillahi Tatmainnal Quloob . (In remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest. )

Artwork Medium

Mix medium with resin on top of it .


15″ x 30″ – Unframed

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Artist Name: Sanam Nadeem

Artist Bio

Sanam Almas Nadeem was born in Karachi, Pakistan. She started sketching as a child for fun. At the age of 5 she created her first sketch – her father. Her friends and family encouraged her and she continued her pursuit of art.
After attending elementary school at Karachi Acadamy, she graduated from Khatoon-e-Pakistan, Karachi. She then persued her L.L.B from S.M Law College in 2001 and is a member of the Karachi Bar Council.
While getting her formal education, she continued sketching and started some painting. She also developed intrest in other expressions of art like hand craft, henna designs, landscapes, seascapes and wild life.
In order to give a professional touch to her passion, she took courses in Oil Painting and Glass Painting as well as Collage and Sketching at the Mashkoor School of Arts. Her favorite subjects are calligraphy, landscapes and abstract art. Recently she has been working with oil and acrylic. She doesn’t repeat any of her artwork.
Nadeem’s work is diplayed at UT, Round Rock, Texas. Her calligraphy paintings have been auctioned to raise funds in various Mosques and Islamic Centers.
She moved to New Jersey in 2001 after marriage. She has a caring husband and four adorable children in Austin, TX. Despite her busy schedule, she feels she cannot turn her back on her true passion and paints whenever she has time.


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