Artist Name

Musarrat Arif

Artwork Medium

Oil and gold leaf on canvas


24″ x 36″ – Unframed




Artist Name: Musarrat Arif

Artist Bio

MUSSARAT ARIF is one of just a few women calligraphers of our time. She uses Kufi’ form of calligraphy in her artworks. She creates calligraphic art governed by the principles of balance and proportion, rhythm and unity. She incorporates various patterns and geometric designs in her work which interwoven with the words of the Holy Quran emits a soul touching aura.

The journey of self-discovery motivates her to the creative world of painting. She prefers Kufi calligraphy using various types of mediums, including oils, acrylics, watercolors, and pastels. Her recent work in calligraphy appears in square and circular shapes, highlighted by bright red, green, blue, ochre, and black. The arcs and loops, ovals and circles, vertical and horizontal lines are used as designs in her artworks. The basic geometrical forms remain the same in all works. Her use of the moon and ‘Takhtee’ symbolically for unknown and known realities of this world. She also uses new elements such as patterns of ‘Ajrak’ – a local symbol in her calligraphy.


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