And Whomever is mindful of Allah……


Artist Name

Bana Elattassi

Art Description

The concept of wheat or grain comes up multiple times in the Noble Quran, mostly as a symbol of goodness, blessings, wealth and prosperity, as the seed grows from one and is multiplied in the sunbula (ear of grain).

In this collection, the sunbula is seen throughout all three pieces as a reward, prosperity, sources of wealth of all sorts, and ease, for those who are mindful of Allah i.e. those who create a barrier between him and Allah’s displeasure by obeying His rules. Verse and Surah with their English transliteration are mentioned below the piece.

In the first piece, for those who are mindful of Allah, Allah will make a way out for them from difficulty and trial and this is depicted as coming out of a dark cave into a golden field of ears of wheat.

In the second piece, for those mindful of Allah, Allah will absolve them of their sins and reward them immensely and this is depicted through an analogy where a farmer works hard all year long and when it is time for harvest the greatest reward is that of a massive pile of ears of wheat.
In the third piece, for those who are mindful of Allah, Allah will make their matters easy for them as easy as the flow of a clear water stream or river, running through a vast plain. See more at

Artwork Medium

Ceramic Tiles in Gold Metal Frames


42″ x 53.5″ x 3″ – Framed


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Artist Name: Bana Elattassi

Artist Bio

Bana El-Attassi is a self-taught artist with passion and love for art since her early childhood. Creativity at a mature age  began after being introduced to the world of ceramic art. Inspired by her faith from the Noble Quran, Bana derives meaning into her art incorporating beautiful Islamic art from around the world such as various forms of Islamic calligraphy , intricate Islamic florals and motifs and the famous Islamic geometrical designs. Her ultimate dream is to express the beauty of the Noble Quran through art to the whole world because the religion of Islam was sent to all of humanity.


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