Artist Name

Rafia Usmani

Artwork Description

Bold colours and shapes with gold and black using acrylics and ink on paper centralizes the message and elements of illumination generates continuity of the theme .

Artwork Medium

Mixed media on paper


20″ x 26″ – Unframed


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Artist Name: Rafia Usmani

Artist Bio

My name is Rafia Usmani I am a graphic designer and Calligrapher. My work is in Kufic and Naskh script and I design my paintings by incorporating these two scripts with traditional elements and illumination in modern compositions. I have a master’s degree in Fine arts with Calligraphy as a major from Pakistan I started learning and practicing calligraphy as a student and found inspiration in traditional script and later pursue it as a career there by designing calligraphy paintings and Arabic calligraphy logos and signatures. I have designed several logos and signatures for professionals and wedding invitations. My work has been displayed in 13 Exhibitions from 2019 till 2014 including twice in Sharjah Calligraphy Biennial, Sharjah (UAE) in (2012) and (2014) I have received medals and accolades for my work .But unfortunately after moving to US in 2014 I hadn’t had the chance to work so actively or establish myself as a calligrapher. Previously I have worked on couple of commissioned works and logos and was immensely pleased to be a part of Islamic arts Festival 2020 and later Muhammad competition . I believe that  traditional calligraphy with its elegance and  beauty within its rules can be  designed using modern elements  and that’s what  I as an artist try to acheive  in my artworks.  I am really happy that Islamic Arts society is providing a platform for artist to display work on such reputable level I will be absolutely gratified to be a part of this auspicious event again this year in 2021.


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