Kufic Salaam


Artist Name

Khalid Sabree

Artwork Description

This piece was inspired by my Arabic classes I had as a child growing up in Harlem. The literal kufic style of the word salaam in the middle was inspired by my love of this style as I later would study this on my own at NYU. The other words are also just random thoughts I had during this piece.

Artwork Medium

Acrylics, Marker, pencil, paper on Canvas


16″ x 20″ – Unframed


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Artist Name: Khalid Sabree

Artist Bio

In his decade-spanning practice, Khalid Sabree aka KHA-Tees has explored intelligence and spirituality through different materials and mediums. Not Self-taught nor school trained, Khalid began painting to imitate the comic books and cartoons he watched as a child. In his early work, he created abstract graffiti images, highlighting the drawings he saw on walls and ball courts in his Harlem neighborhood. Khalid later experimented with neo-expressionism and assemblage in the vein of Basquiat and Romare Bearden, using found objects like wood crates and sneaker boxes from around the streets of New York. He continues making paintings that later evolve into mixed media ideas. The recipient of many accolades and press write ups, Khalid falls outside the confines of any particular artistic movement or period, but he remains a seminal figure and an important influence to artists such as Chad Livesy and Anika Al-Uqda.


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