Masha’Allah La Quwwata illah billah


Artist Name

Hina Chaudhry

Artwork Description

“Whoever is delighted with something in his circumstances or his wealth or his children, let him say, `That which Allah wills! There is no power but with Allah!”
Ma Shaa Allah Laa Quwwata illah billah – mixed media on stretched canvas, 30 x 40

Artwork Medium

Mixed media on stretched canvas


36″ x 48″ – Unframed

Contact :

Cell: 8327591781

Masha’Allah La Quwwata illah billah


Artist Name: Hona Chaudhry

Artist Bio

Hina Chaudhry is a self-taught professional mixed media artist born in Pakistan and raised in Connecticut. At a very young age she discovered a deep love and innate inclination towards the arts. In middle school she was recognized as one of the top young artists in Connecticut; a very prestigious honor. As an adult her love of art emerged in a spiritual form which led to her venturing on to Islamic art and calligraphy.

Using a convergence of centuries old calligraphy styles and modern tools, Hina seeks to create unique and impactful art with a purpose; by giving a portion of proceeds to Islamic charitable causes. In the vast Islamic art genre, Hina’s art can easily be recognized due to its imposing texture, exemplary coloration and meticulous calligraphy. Although she loves exploring different techniques and is dynamic in her approach, her style can be categorized as contemporary with abstract qualities.

Hina’s work has been exhibited at various reputable venues including Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts, Harambe Art Gallery, Houston City Hall, various libraries and most recently at Texas A&M University.  She loves sharing her passion by teaching Islamic art and calligraphy to students all over the United States. Hina has now established her roots in Houston where she lives with her beautiful, loving and supportive family.

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