Artist Name

Mariam Zehra

Artwork Description

These paintings are inspired by the “Mountains”. Mountains are creation of Allah, He has pegged mountains with deep roots on the Earth to stand firm so that the Earth does not shake and disrupt life on it and rivers that break rocks as they travel down from their source on the mountain tops.
Looking at giant and strong mountains makes you reflect on Allah’s divinity that He is the Creator and has dominion over everything. Allah’s absolute Oneness above His creation. The absolute and limitless power of Allah.In one canvas, Arabic calligraphy of Surah Fatiha (the-opener) has been added because we praise, thank and ask for guidance from Allah in this chapter of Quran.

In another canvas, Arabic calligraphy of a part of verse 40 from Surah An-Naml (27:40) has been added that reads, “This is by the Grace of my Lord.” This phrase conveys a sense of humility and most importantly, gratitude to Allah for having something, be it material or spiritual, or otherwise, such as a talent one may possess, or good health, good income, good spouse, children, etc.

Artwork Medium

Acrylic  on Canvas 


18″ x 24″ each canvas – Unframed


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Artist Name: Mariam Zehra

Artist Bio

Mariam is a California based Muslimah artist. She creates modern art that incorporates Islamic reminders. Her work combines abstract art with Arabic calligraphy to create statement pieces that will speak to your spiritual core and find a place in your heart right away!


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