Rama & Karim


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Sangeetha Kowsik (IhsanIshan Design)

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“Look within your heart, there you will find both Karim and Rama” —Kabir Das (15th C Indian Poet & Saint)
Rama in Sanskrit means “one who gives joy to others, divinely blissful, the noble one”
Karim in Arabic means “generous/noble, one of the 99 names of Allah”
Quote by Kabir Das – A 15th C Muslim/Hindu saint/poet from North India who preached and wrote about the oneness of God.
His songs/poems/verses are also found in the holy book of the Sikhs, the Guru Granth Sahib, refers to God as Ram or Hari, words he uses to address Nirguna Brahman, a formless god, NOT a particular person/deity. Kabir’s teacher was a Vaishnava (followers of Lord Vishnu) bhakti (devotion/love for the Divine) leader named Ramananda. Kabir Das worked hard to fight misconceptions in both Hinduism and Islam.
Kabir Das wrote that the Truth is with one who is on the path of righteousness, considered all creatures on earth as his own self, and who preached to renounce the ego and surrender to the divine.
Blue Color because the divine is endless like the sky and oceans and Lord Ram
is the 7th incarnation of Lord Vishnu (supreme consciousness)
The golden arrow to light the way away from the darkness, the bow and arrow are emblems of Lord Rama.

Artwork Medium

Digital Print


8″ x 10″ – Unframed


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Artist Name: Sangeetha Kowsik (IhsanIshan Design)

Artist Bio

Sangeetha Kowsik was born in Fremont, CA, a Parsons School of Design grad, is an NYC-based designer, interfaith chaplain, educator, and established gallery artist. The only person in the world doing this: A Hindu, Indian American woman who’s an Islamic/Arabic calligrapher.  Sangeetha is the Hindu Chaplain/Spiritual Advisor of NYU/Columbia Universities, founder of NYU Hindu Center, founding member of NAHCA (North American Hindu Chaplain Association), and awarded “Chaplain of the Year” for her interfaith initiatives by Chelsea Clinton.

She was the head designer for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, has worked extensively in fashion, beauty, luxury, museums, skateboarding/streetwear industries, and has a deep love and appreciation for all world cultures, religions, and art history.  Her unique background influences her work which is rooted in faith, activism, culture, design, and social justice.

Her award-winning brand IhsanIshan Design inspires peace, understanding, change, and brings the world together by working for religious, cultural, and ethnic unity by connecting across global cultures through design, told through the art of Arabic Calligraphy. Each piece has a strong, powerful, meaningful message/concept behind it to fight negative perceptions/biases, educates by showcasing positive, unique, interconnected stories that celebrate global cultures and diversity. The brand was initially launched to celebrate both Islam and Hinduism, its shared traditions, educate, and bring about peace and understanding, it now includes Black Lives Matter (a recipient of numerous awards for social justice, interfaith, and global change initiatives) and the  Amazigh (indigenous) peoples of North Africa.

Sangeetha hopes to bring her message of peace through design to build a more understanding, just, compassionate world.


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