Ship of Safety


Artist Name

Sana Mirza

Artwork Description

Top sail: Oh you who believe, believe more!

Obey God, obey the prophetic messengers, and obey those in authority among you.

Artwork Medium

Digital Print on waterproof matte paper


16″ x 20″ offering mutiple of all prints – Unframed

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Artist Name:ย Sana Mirza

Artist Bio

Sana Mirza is a multifaceted artist exploring her soul through the realms of Arabic calligraphy and arabesque patterns, with an integration of archetypal symbolism, representing the ever- evolving nature of the transformative qualities of the human spirit. The mesh of art and spiritual experience is very prominent in her work. She believes the power of creativity can transcend all illusion of duality and ultimately lead us back to understanding true oneness.


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