Artist Name

Bahar Azarmizad

Artwork Description

It is illustration (Tazhib) with water color and gouache.

Artwork Medium

2D White construction paper


30″ x 35″

Contact Me

Email: bahar_7554@yahoo.com




Artist Name: Bahar Azarmizad

Artist Bio

My name is Bahar Azarmizad and I am an art teacher at Islamic Foundation School. I started my career in art at Art University in Tehran, Iran. Since then, I’ve been teaching art for 23 years and I truly love it! My dad is my inspiration since he is an artist as well. For the past nine years, I’ve been working as a teacher at IFS where I instruct students from Kindergarten to High school. My work spectrum includes basic drawing, sketching, calligraphy, painting (water and oil), graphics, pottery painting, graphics, miniatures, calligraphy, and much more.
My classes at IFS focus on Islamic Art, helping students to understand the rich history of beauty in Islam. Some of the Islamic Art that we’ve studied includes Gulzar calligraphy, Naghashikhat, Siah Mashq, and Kufic. This class should help provide a platform for students to gain valuable knowledge and skills that will cultivate their creative minds and aid them in their other studies.
My aim is to promote the study of Art, as it exercises students critical and creative thinking processes. They will be introduced to various Art forms and artists of different cultures and historical periods with an emphasis on Islamic Art.


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