The Earth is speaking Arabic


Artist Name

Ahmad Ghassab


Artwork Medium

Acrylic  on Canvas


24″ x 36″ – Unframed


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Artist Name: Ahmad Ghassab

Artist Bio

Ahmad Ghassab is a Palestinian artist, calligrapher, and interior designer. He was born in Amman, Jordan to a refugee family and was raised with a true passion for drawing and painting. His father walked him through the basics of sketching and critiqued his artwork as it matured. After moving to the United States for his education, Ahmad developed love and admiration for both Eastern and Western cultures as well as an insight into the struggles of different people around the world. His work embraces themes from his hometown of Palestine and the larger Arab world while also incorporating various motifs from his own life and experiences. Ahmad aspires to be a humanitarian designer, working towards a simpler and more efficient approach to helping refugees feel home again, redesigning homes and cities following a natural disaster, assisting thirsty villagers access water, and making schools more accessible and enjoyable for eager students. Ahmad claims “I want to build a world where the displaced find a home, and the disadvantaged build a community.” His artwork and calligraphy stretch across borders, unimpeded by boundaries, whether it brightens the hallways of the French embassy in Kuwait, warms the home of a loving family, or frames the path to excellence for youth at a local community center.


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