The Hijrah of the Messenger of Allah from Mecca to Medina


Artist Name

Bana Elattassi

Art Description

The Prophet Muhammad’s migration (622 CE) from Mecca to Yathrib (Medina) upon invitation in order to escape persecution. Centraling the side of the bowl starts the journey of the Prophet (PBUH) from Mecca represented by the Kabaa to the opposite side to be his destination at the Prophet’s first built Masjid (Masjid Qibaa). Incidents of his journey are illustrated beginning at around fajr when it is still dark (dark blue background) when the disbelievers of Quraish were standing outside his door and planning on killing him. Ghar Hiraa where he hid and mislead the disbelievers to his whereabouts by the spider’s web that was weaved at the entrance of the cave. The camel that the Prophet was riding which the Prophet gave full freedom to lay and where the exact same spot the first masjid was built. In the centre of the base, dividing the two journeys, is written the name of the prophet. See more at

Artwork Medium

ceramic bowl


14″ x 11″ x 3.5″ – Unframed



The Hijrah of the Messenger of Allah from Mecca to Medina


Artist Name: Bana Elattassi

Artist Bio

Bana El-Attassi is a self-taught artist with passion and love for art since her early childhood. Creativity at a mature age  began after being introduced to the world of ceramic art. Inspired by her faith from the Noble Quran, Bana derives meaning into her art incorporating beautiful Islamic art from around the world such as various forms of Islamic calligraphy , intricate Islamic florals and motifs and the famous Islamic geometrical designs. Her ultimate dream is to express the beauty of the Noble Quran through art to the whole world because the religion of Islam was sent to all of humanity.


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