Tranquility in Faith


Artist Name

Fareha Aslam Solaija

Artwork Description

The artist wanted to paint on a canvas, what it feels like when we truly understand a message from Allah. When we grasp his communication with us. His presence in us and around us. When we are feeling uncertain or in distress about a situation in our lives, and then we read His divine message or Ayah in the Quran and that message perfectly aligns with the current situation we are in; it literally ‘washes’ over us like a wave of cool water and our entire being gets engulfed with contentment. The feeling in THAT moment, that we feel in our core, in our spirit, in our ‘nafs’, is what the artist humbly tried to portray in this painting called ‘tranquility in faith’.

Artwork Medium

Acrylic and Gold leaf on Canvas


60″ x 20″ – Unframed


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Artist Name : Fareha Aslama Solaija

Artist Bio

Fareha Solaija is a contemporary abstract artist, mom, and wife, residing in Houston Tx. She has always been passionate about art and painting since her youth. Fareha works mainly with acrylic on canvas/wood and loves to incorporate different textures and shines to bring out her art. Her work consists of calligraphy on abstract backgrounds. The inspiration for the abstract background truly comes from the calligraphy verse itself and its meaning. Palette knife is one of her strengths and the most used tool to bring texture into her work. Fareha loves creating original custom paintings for her clients and her paintings have been purchased in many cities all over the USA and internationally.


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